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The past 5 years especially I have felt like I have been in some sort of hell. I read your horoscope with absolute pleasure to see that my efforts would at last be rewarded and that I would start to enjoy some successes on the business and social front. After what I have been through over the past 4 years, and especially with some sad recent events, your horoscope today gives me hope for a better future!

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I had my first real reiki session yesterday, and the things I found out are in direct alignment with what your daily messages tell me and not to mention my own instincts and intuitions. Conversely, you would have to be one of the most unselfish people I have ever had the pleasure to connect with. You are one in a million. Your work is phenomenal.

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Thank you for your light! I always log in on the first of every month to see what you have to say and go back over and over many times throughout the month to re-read the article. It always made sense how things are tying from your perspective. I like your astrological mind. My mother subscribes to the daily email and I think she gets the monthly as well.

Thank you, I really enjoy your daily readings, and appreciate your positive approach to life. Thank you so very much for your positive interpretation of my lovely Sagittarius planet energies. You keep me full of cheerfulness and joyful vibes - absolutely spot on for how I am feeling which spurs me on further. Thank you Anne, you are amazingly accurate.

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Friends - if this is your cup of tea then I would recommend Anne to be the best Astrologer I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I just love it when organisations like yours provide such amazing and authentic customer service! I am so glad I was given this horoscope site to subscribe to. Thank you very much indeed. Great work as usual, thanks! Anne, you are so thoughtful, thank you. I do get a monthly and a daily, it's a huge part of my life and I have put so many other people on to you too.

You have inspired me so much in the last 18 months and I have virtually turned my life around taking up the unexpected. Your readings have given me the courage and I know I have to hang in there. I didn't know how I could face the day today, things have been so tough with the business etc. Thankyou for being such an inspiration and strength. Just a quick thank you for my daily Aquarian updates, I find them inspirational and helps me to know I am on track. I also check out the Money scopes etc.

I really like the positive slant you seem to put on the readings even if it is not so good you always remind me that we all have choices. Your work is so accurate, it is absolutely amazing the synchronicity and alignment that takes place each day, and outcomes that are so positive, even on a so called karmic day. I am ever so grateful for your dedication and journey - wow what a gift you have and I feel so encouraged from reading my stars today.

I have signed up to get them directly but I wanted you to know that your work is appreciated. Thank you so very much for doing your work in the ways you are to include being of service during extra important times to those of us who aren't always in the position to spend money in this way at this time. I am so very grateful to you. I want to say thank you for your free individual monthly horoscope for August.

I felt blessed to be able to read it, and felt immensely grateful for the astrological reassurance it has given me. So, thank you for the service you give—I feel very strongly that you are doing what you came here to do, and that what you write transmits the truth of who we are in relation to the stars and planets that mark our way.

Many thanks. This report is the most comprehensive I have ever found. I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much. Have a great month! I am amazed at the accuracy of your daily forecasters horoscope email—even though it is just the star sign and not specific to the birth date and time, it has been, since I started subscribing to it, a source of wise counsel and comfort, through what has been the most powerfully transformative and yet, at times, emotionally overwhelming time in my life to date.

It has held out clarity and calm. And I am very grateful to you for this. I really appreciate the attitude you bring to your work. I need uplifting too without crap - you do it so well. Dear Anne Macnaughtan, I am continuously receiving your e mail and daily horoscopes. I am extremely thankful for this act of kindness. Your e mail gives me insight and future guidance. Your work is unique.

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Thanks a lot. Thank you very much Anne I find your interpretations helpful and empowering. I have found your insights most helpful over the months, especially regarding career moves. I have been able to, I don't know how to put it, except to say "go with the flow" and seize opportunities as they have presented.

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Just cooperating with the subtle energy's of those fabulous dynamo's in the sky. Thank you so much for your daily readings, they are always a great inspiration to read. Thank you for your support Anne you are always right on the button!! Just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and inspiring words. I look forward to reading my horoscope daily, and at times it is simply uncanny how accurate you are.

All the best! Your service just keeps getting better and better!! Well done to you and your team. Thank you Anne for providing such accurate horoscope forecasts.

Thank you. I have been receiving your daily forecasts for the past two years. However I must say that you are the most accurate and informative astrologer I have ever known. So thank you. Thank you Anne I have been enjoying your daily stars.

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Thanks for your support! You continue to amaze. You are amazing.